Чит коды на IQuarium (iPhone)

Get more points:
If you want to get more points go out of iQuarium and go to your
settings change the time to 11:59pm go back to iQuarium and open
you will get 143 ponints you can keep doing this as many times as
you want! Make sure to feed your fish as the game thinks it's a
new day! You can also change the date to like 2-3 days ahead and
it will give you points for those days! Don't try more than a few
days because you fish will die and you have to start all over! If
you have the themes where you don't have to feed your fish when
the theme is on you can do more days! I don't kno how many because
I don't want my fish to die! When you get the points you want put
the days back right and you won't lose you points! If you have it
like 10 days ahead of the actual date I would got half of the days
turn on iQuarium feed your fish and to the other half! Or do 2-3
days if you don't want to take a risk on your fish dying!
If your fish turns purple it's okay when you turn the game off and
back on it will go back to orange! It kinda sux I wanted to keep
the purple fish!
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