Чит коды на Horn (iPhone)

Watch for Cues:
As you battle some of the fearsome foes in the game, you'll be
prompted to perform certain actions. If you are quick to press
the directions indicated on-screen, you can often stun a foe.
This provides you with the opportunity to land a few blows on
a temporarily stunned enemy before you have to worry overly much
about dodging out of the way of retaliation, so take advantage
of each such opportunity as you memorize your foe's attack patterns
and learn how best to otherwise counter them.

Mind Your Environment:
If you pay close attention to your environment, you'll find that
it often provides helpful clues that let you know what you should do next.
In particular, watch for clues that you might be near a hidden passage
(such as conspicuous grass near a wall or hill) and learn to look
for symbols that prompt you to blow your horn. Finally, watch for
objects such as fire pits that you can use to light your arrows afire,
as the presence of a pit typically implies you can find a way to put
it almost immediately to use.
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