Чит коды на Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (iPhone)

Win races easily:
Winning races can be a bit complicated with the turning of the ipod.
So before you race get a gun that can do a drive-by. Next go to the
starting line. When the race starts let your competitors go in front
of you. Stay close to there car(s) and keep tapping the shooting
button to shoot there car. The car will eventually start to burn and
blow up. When it explodes enjoy and cruise around the city until
your ready to win.

Two Handy Tools:
1. Portable Shop
Touch the map, then touch services then touch Weapons, there you can
buy more Health, Pistol, SMG and Shotguns
(Handy when surrounded by Police and running low on ammo.

You can also Buy cars to but they're mostly at parking spots.

2. Buy Less Cops
Touch your Map then Services then touch Corruption. Here you can "buy" less
badges therefore Police won't come after you. It costs $1,500 to get rid of
one badge (kinda a rip off but still makes it easier when your on a mission).
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