Чит коды на Doom Classic (iPhone)

Tap the screen at four different areas simultaneously
to display the console window. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes,
then tap "Return" to activate the corresponding cheat function.
give - All 6 keys, all weapons, full ammo, 200% armor
god - Toggle invincibility
idbeholda - Toggle Computer Area Map
idbeholdh - 200% health
idbeholdi - Toggle Blur Artifact
idbeholdl - Toggle light-amplification visors
idbeholdr - Toggle radiation suit
idbeholds - Toggle Berserk Pack
idbeholdv - Toggle Invulnerability Artifact
idchoppers - Chain saw
idclev<1 to 4><1 to 9> - Map select
idclip - Toggle No Clipping mode
iddqd - Toggle invincibility
iddt - Cycle through full map, add objects, reset1
idfa - All weapons, backpack, full ammo, 200% armor
idkfa - All 6 keys, weapons, backpack, fullammo, 200% armor
idmus<11 to 45> - Change music
idmypos - View coordinates and heading
idspispopd - Toggle walk through walls
resetmaps - Reset player statistics and achievements
tntamo<1 to 4> - Toggle full or no ammo
tntamob - Toggle backpack
tntem - Kill all monsters on current level
tntfast - Toggle fast monsters
tntka - All 6 keys
tntkey - Toggle key (blue yellow, or red) for card or skull
tntweap<1-8> - Toggle weapon; "1" = Berserk strength punches

Enable this code while in Automap mode.
tntamo - Ammunition types
Use one of the following entries with the tntamo code.
1: Bullet
2: Shell
3: Rocket
4: Cell
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