Чит коды на Buster Red (iPhone)


100x Combo Get a 100x Combo.
200X Combo Get a 200X Combo
20x Combo Get a 20x Combo.
300 Get a 300X combo.
50x Combo Get a 50x Combo.
600 600X Multiplier.
Bats In-A-Row Kill 30 bats in a row (without killing any other type of enemy)
Beat Normal Beat normal.
Blipbloop Avenger Beat the regular campaign on Nightmare using blipbloop.
Boss Rush X1 Pass the first iteration of boss rush.
Boss Rush X2 Pass the second iteration of boss rush.
Buster Combo Use 4 busters in a row.
Cross Killer Destroy 2000 crosses.
De-cross Boss Kill 4 cross bosses in one session.
Elite Beat elite campaign on normal.
Elite Nightmare Beat elite campaign on nightmare.
Grand Master Beat the elite campaign on Nightmare x2 (Requires beating nightmare
twice in single playthrough -autosave is ok)
Lightning Strike Major Hit 30 enemies simultaneously with the lightning buster.
Lightning Strikes Minor Hit 10 enemies with the lightning buster.
Look ma no shields Beat 5 levels without losing a shield.
Nightmare Avenger Beat nightmare.
No Busters Beat 10 levels without using a single Buster powerup.
True Perfection Beat the final level of elite without getting hit once.
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