Чит коды на Big Bad Sudoku Book (iPhone)


Big Winner Play a puzzle challenge that a friend shared with you and beat their score.
Campaign Champ Complete all 50 campaign puzzles to win this achievement.
Campinator Score a total of 125,000 combined points on Campaign puzzles.
Devoted Score a total of 250,000 points across all puzzles.
Easy Peasy Score a total of 10,000 combined points on Easy puzzles.
Expert Witness Score a total of 70,000 combined points on Expert puzzles.
Fanatic Score a total of 500,000 points across all puzzles.
Hard Ways Score a total of 50,000 combined points on Hard puzzles.
Insane Brain Score a total of 100,000 combined points on Insane puzzles.
Medium Well Score a total of 30,000 combined points on Medium puzzles.
True Friend Share a puzzle with a friend for competitive play.
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