Чит коды на Babylonian Twins: The Quest for Peace in Ancient Iraq (iPhone)


Ensi (Town King) Find Ensi (Town King) treasure
King of the Four Quarters Find the King of the Four Quarters treasure
Prison Escape Complete all prison levels
The Ancient Law-Giver Find the Ancient Law-Giver treasure
The Assyrian Warriors Complete all the Assyrian Palace levels
The Babylonian Princess Complete all the Tower of Babylon levels
The Gift List Find the Gift List treasure
The Goat Find the Goat treasure
The Holy Gardens Complete all the Holy Gardens levels
The Old Neighbourhood Level Unlock The Old Neighbourhood Level by finishing the Endless Loop
level with maximum number of points and lives
The Peace Panel Find The Peace Panel Treasure
The People's Heroes Complete all the Procession street levels
The Square Temple Statue Find the The Square Temple Statue treasure
The Striding Lions Level Unlock the Striding Lions bonus level by finishing the Ruined
Palace level with maximum points in the shortest time possible
The War Panel Treasure Find the War Panel treasure
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