Cheats for Touch Pets Dogs (iPhone)

Doggie Playdates:
Connect with someone who is on your Friends List (or is playing Touch Pets in
the same room as you) by selecting their name and and then choosing the dog
you want to play with. If the person isn't on your Friends List but you want
to add them, simply make a Friend Request. You can send your friend's dog home
at any time by touching the door icon on the bottom right corner.
You can raise your dog through the playdate. Touch your dog's name and then
scroll down the page until you come across the button that lets you raise the
dogs through playdates. Just meet the requirements for that and when you meet
them all, the dogs will be friends with each other and a new section will
appear in the Pet Store. It allows you to buy things for the playdate that
enhance romance between the two dogs if they are opposite genders.

They may fall in love and then they can "go on a date". After you meet the
date requirements, the two dogs will be 100% in love. When they next see each
other, they will be surrounded by hearts, lie extra close to each other, and
they will lick each other. Unfortunately, the dogs cannot have puppies. Also,
they won't TRY to make puppies. It's a kid's game, after all. Sometimes, the
dogs won't get along very well and they could start to fight. They sometimes
fight when one gets more attention than the other, they don't like each other's
personalities or clothes, or other reasons I do not know of yet.
The dogs will growl and make scary, threatening faces at each other when they
fight. If they fight, pick them up and separate them from each other.

The first time a fight (a.k.a. "scuffle") starts to break out, a question
mark appears in the corner and tells you what to do in this sort of a situation.
I don't know what happens if you DON'T stop a fight from happening, but I'd
like to experiment or ask someone who knows what happens.
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