Чит коды на Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Board Traveler (GBA)

Enter these codes at the title screen:
Yami Yugi - R, LEFT, B, RIGHT, Up and R, RIGHT, DOWN, A
Kaibaman - DOWN, B, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, R, Up and R, A
Yami Bakura - L, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT and B, R, DOWN, DOWN, A
Grandpa - L, RIGHT and B, RIGHT, B, R, LEFT, DOWN, A

New Maps and LM Types:
Chicago Map - Win once with Dark Magician Girl
Space World map & a new LM type - Win 1 game with Kaiba
Toonworld map & a New LM Type - Win 1 game with Pegasus
Desert - Win once with Mai Valentine
Domino Park - Availabe once game starts
Domino Pier - Win once with Joey Wheeler
Kaiba Land - Win one with Mokuba
Mayan Ruins - Win once with Rebecca Hawkins
Outer Space - Win once with Seto Kaiba
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