Чит коды на WWE Survivor Series (GBA)

When your bar is flashing, and your opponent is weakened.
Hit the select button in the appropriate location.
Randy Orton
Running Rko (Running Towards Opponent)
Standing Rko (Grappled)
Standing Pedigree (Grappled)
Leant Over Pedigree (Kicked (<>B))
Booker T
Book End (Grappled)
Scissor Kick (Kicked)
Edge-O-Matic (Behind Grappled)
Buzzkiller (Grappled)
Shawn Michaels
Sweet Chin Music (Standing)
John Cena
F-U (Grappled)
Unprettier (Behind Grappled)
Reverse Behind DDT (Grappled)
Kurt Angle
Angle Slam (Grappled)
Ankle Lock (At Feet, with opp facing up)
Chris Benoit
3X German Suplex (Behind Grappled)
Cripplers Crossface (At Head, opp face down)
Flying Headbutt (On Tb)
Chavo Guerrero
Gory Bomb (Grappled)
Chris Jericho
Walls of Jericho (At Feet, Opp Face up)
Head Scissors (Running)
Eddie Guerrero
Frog Splash (On TB)
3X Suplex (Grappled)
5 Star Frog Splash (On TB)
Rey Mysterio
Standing Face Buster (Grappled)
Running Face Buster (Running)
Chokeslam (Grappled)
Tombstone Piledriver (Grappled)
The Last Ride (Kicked)

Finisher Moves:
These are all the WWE Superstar's finisher moves.(Can be
used only when special meter is full)
Randy Orton:
KO: front grapple + select
RKO: Run + select
Triple H:
Pedigree: front grapple + select
Pedigree2: Kick + select
Booker T:
Book-End: front grapple + select
Axe kick/Scissor Kick: Kick + select
Edgecution: front grapple + select
Edgecution2: Kick + select
Edge O'Pin: Behind grapple + select
Shawn Michaels:
Sweet Chin Music: Stand in front or behind
opponent + select
Sweet Chin Music2: Stand in front or behind
opponent + Kick + select
John Cena:
FU: front grapple + select
FU2: throw opponent + aim + select
Reverse Slam: front grapple + select
Un-prettier: behind grapple + select
Kurt Angle:
Angle Slam: front grapple + select
Three German Suplexes: behind grapple + select
Angle Lock: opponent on floor head facing
ground + standing at leg + select
Chris Benoit:
Benoit slam: on top rope + select
Cripple Crossface: opponent on floor head facing
ground + standing at head + select
Cripple Crossleg: ???
Chavo Guerrero:
Chavo Slam: front grapple + select
Five-Star-Frog-Splash: on top rope + select
Chris Jericho:
Three German Suplexes: behind grapple + select
Walls Of Jericho: opponent on floor head
facing up + standing at leg + select
Lionsault: Run + select
Eddie Guerrero:
3 Omegas: front grapple + select
Frog Splash: on top rope + select
Rob Van Dam:
Five-Star-Frog-Splash: on top rope + select
Rey Mysterio:
619: run + select
6192: front grapple + select
Tombstone: ???
Chokeslam: front grapple + select
Tombstone: front grapple + select
Last Ride Power Bomb: Kick + select

How To Get The Rock:
You have to beat story mode with every character.
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