Чит коды на Wario Ware: Twisted! (GBA)

Misspell "twisted" at the start menu:
At the start menu when it says Wario Ware Twisted wait
about a second and little pink things will come out.
If you wait a little bit they`ll land on the word twisted.
Shake your Gameboy and they`ll go away and twisted will
turn into a misspelled word.

Secret Souvenir:
Once you have gotten all of the Spindex games you will
be awarded with a secret souvenir that you can only get
once you have completed the Spindex.

Bonus Movie:
To get a Bonus Movie of Mona Pizza, put WarioWare:Touched!
and WarioWare:Twisted! in a Nintendo DS system and turn
it on. You will be able to view the Mona Pizza bonus movie.

Music Slow Down:
When in certain menus, if you turn the GBA back and forth
rapidly, and listen really hard, you will notice that
the music slows down. Here are the menus that I know
will do this:
Games Menu
Story Menu
All Spindex Menus (except Main)
See if you can find somewhere else to do this...
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