Чит коды на Wario Land: Super Mario 3 (GBA)

Level Warp:
In order to use this trick, you must get to the item
box in-between levels. There will be a little white
block before the end of level 3. Get on the block
and push down. Hold it for approximately three
seconds to fall through. Do not jump. After
completing the level, you can warp ahead.

Max of everything:
To get the maximum of lives, coins, and time all you
have to do is press the start button then hit select
16 times. A small box will appear around the second
number in the amount of lives you have. Hold down
the A and B buttons at the same time and use the
directional buttons to change the number of each
item. You can even change into a bigger wario by
going to his head and pressing start. When you
have changed the amounts to a satisfactory level
press start and continue to play!
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