Чит коды на That's So Raven (GBA)

To get Photos in the bonus section you will
have to do all of the bonuses in each level.

Keep your lives up!!!:
The first level is pretty easy. Just keep pressing
the L and R buttons to dump water and spray perfume.
I suggest spraying perfume. You can only have 20 of
each at one time. The water and perfume will get rid
of book, ball and muffin throwers, cart pushers and
janitors. Note: it is easier to run away from the
ball throwers. When you start moving up in levels
you will meet hall monitors. Hide in the dark spaces
from them. If you try to spray perfume it doesn't
work. Wait until these annoying people to go past
your hiding place while facing the opposite direction
before emerging. In one level you will have to dodge
Ben Sturky, in another you will have to dodge the
principal. These two will make your stamina go down
if you bump into them more than once. If you aren't
in need of stamina do not find reports, CD's or
hamburgers. It is really hard to complete these
tasks and you lose a lot of stamina. Always walk
up to every person who has an A bubble over their
head. Also, methodically walk through the level.
For instance: if there are two ways to go go one
way and keep going that way. Most likely the level
goes in a circle and you will get back where you
started. The next time go the other way. Go in every
door that has a red arrow sticking into it.
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