Чит коды на Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 (GBA)

Erase all data:
To Erase all data, On start up hold down A+B+Start+Select+L+R
(may take a couple of seconds) and it will prompt up with a
message saying 'Do you want to erase all data' If so select
Yes, If not select No

Earn Point Stars (Mario Brothers):
For each 150,000 points you get in Mario Brothers, a star will
appear at the top of Mario Brothers at the game selection screen
(where you pick between Super Mario World and Mario Brothers).
You can get up to 5 stars maximum.

Secret Level:
At the first Ghost House, have a feather. Go backwards instead
of forward and fly up to the sky. Continue on the platform in t
he sky until the end of the level where there will be a new exit.
Go through the exit to unlock an extra level which you can stock
up on unlimited mushrooms, fireballs, feathers, lives, and Yoshi.

Get stuck in walls:
In a few levels, there will be sets of rotating blocks blocking
your path. (Example: Vanilla Dome 2 or Star World 1)Make sure you
have a feather equipped. Use your cape to roate the blocks, then
stand in right in front of the blocks while they are rotating.
Usually the blocks will just push you back into open when they
stop moving. However, sometimes the blocks will push you the
opposite direction- into the wall. This usually works only in
Vanilla Dome 2, but it allows you to walk down the slope of
the wall underneath enemies. However, if you are surround by
layer after layer of bricks (Star Road 1), you will be pushed
into the other blocks, usually resulting in you losing a life.

Decorative Stars
For every one-million points you get in Super Mario World mode,
a star will appear on the main menu screen next to the "top
score" display.
NOTE: The maximum amount of stars you can get is 5.

Extra Levels From Star Road
If you find and complete the alternate (key) exits in all Star
Road levels, you will unlock a set of special levels accessible
from the mountain in the middle of the main Star Road map.
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