Чит коды на Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (GBA)

Kane's Card : Defeat Kane with Max. (main character)
Bleu's Card : Speak to Karin after Kane is defeated.
YogurtsТs Card : Search the controls of the caravan in Pao
KokickiТs Card : Talk to KokichiТs helper after he flies off of the cliff.
DianТs Card : In the Pao Pig Pen in Pao
MaxТs Card : Beat the Game
MarionetteТs Card : Gort must kill a Marionette
AmonТs Card : Balbaroy gives it to you.
GongТs Card : Talk to the woman inside GongТs hut.
DomingoТs Card : In the second Pao Pig Pen.
Vankar's Card : Speak to Vankar 3 times in the headquarters.
Pelle's Card : Speak to Pelle 3 times in the headquarters.
Guntz' Card : Speak to Guntz 3 times in the headquarters.
Earnest's Card : In a bookshelf in the upstairs of the fortress before the
battle agains Balbezack.
Narsha's Card : Frequently talk with Narsha in the headquarters.
Zuika's Card : Frequently talk with Zuika in the headquarters.
Lyle's Card : In Reido, exit the town gate but stick to the left side of the
screen. You can walk around the outside of the wall and find a
chest in the upper left hand corner of the town.

Go to the back of the church when you first enter Pao and search the back wall.
Yogurt will get up from his nap and join your party
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