Чит коды на Rayman M (GBA)

Play as Mister Dark (Yes, from Rayman 1).
Type DARK as a name, and save it in all the slots. Then, compile the script
for being the Dark Rayman in te computer program, Pokescript. After it is compiled,
delete one of your DARK codes. Insert as many of the first characters in the script
you got as the name of a new code to replace the old one with. Win the beginner
legue with this code. Now, you should play the Dawn Sand, but pause it when you
are on the 2th place (It have to be a race). Now, make the 'Sound' option be the
opposite of what it is now. The music should change to Rayman 1 music. Exit the
level. Get into a battle level! The music would still be there! Your opponent
should now defeat you. It will NEED to be with a glue bomb, so i would say a good
level would be Ly's Palace. After the loading, you will here the happy people,
like when you win a level. It will say, Mister Dark is Returned, if the cod is
entered corectly! If it is right, Mister Dark is now playable. If not, he -.-'
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