Чит коды на Pokemon Leaf green Fire red DEOXYS (GBA)

Go to any market. On the desk there should be a square memo.
Press A button and a questionnairewill pop up.Enter the word
"LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". The counter person will react-and tell
you that u should now receive Mystry Gifts! Save your game and turn
off the ga,eboy advance. Turn on your game and a MYSTERY GIFT should
now appear below NEW GAME slot. When selecting the MYSTERY GIFT u
will se WONDER GIFT and WONDER NEWS-slect WONDER GIFT. Now u can
receive AURORA TICKET from an authorised AURORA TICKET station. Go
to second floor of any Poke Center in the game. talk to the man in
green hat. Now u have an AURORA TICKET in the key items pocket.
Save your game and turn off your Game Boy Advance. Go to port in
Vermillion City. Speak to the sailor at the dock, Birth Island will
appear as a new destination. U MUST HAVE A RAINBOW PASS.In order to
obtain Rainbow Pass you must first give Ruby (not Pokemon Ruby ver.)
to Celio on one island. Travel to birth island.SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.U
will see a large patch of ground shaped like a triangle. A small triangle
rest in the middle. Approach the mysterious triangle from below and press
A button.Press the LEFT button 5 times, DOWN 1 time now press A button.
RIGHT button 5 times-UP button 5 times and A button.UP button 3 times.
LEFT button 7 times and A button. RIGHTZ button 5 times and A button.
LEFT button 3 times-DOWN 2 times and A button.DOWN button 1 time LEFT
button 4 times and A button.RIGHT button 7 times and A button.LEFT button
4 times DOWN button 1 time and A button.UP button 4 times and A button.U
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