Чит коды на Pokemon Leaf green Fire red (GBA)

Once you get all of the legendary Bird poke'mon and a poke'mon that
Knows shadowball And your starter poke'mon (Blastoise at level 65 is
suggested then frolic off to The elites four Champion Gary And kick
him out the hot seat Then he wont be so hot as he thinks.

There is a rumour that mew can be found in the game.

For that,
Start a new game,play till vermillion city,avoid the ss anne;trade a pokemon that
knows cut and continue till you get HM's Surf & Cut.
After that,enter the bridge to ss anne,while halfway in the bridge,surf towards
the right and continue till you find a parked van.Use strength and move it off and
you find MEW.I found it through the web.I hope it works

There is also a belief that a common pokeball's stat can be made to a master ball.

for that,
When the pokeball is thrown at any pokemon,it bounces,at that time,press a+b+select;
all at a time and the pokeball never misses!!!!!!!
Note:Use only pokeball!
Note:I cannot be blamed if these hints/cheats do not work,all i do is publish the
information about pokemon cheats/hints i got in the web


The legenary dogs:
first go to route 2 an buy at least 20 max repels note save before
starting now go in and out
of the building to the grass to you find your legendary dog
note your dog depends on you starter

bulbasaur - entei
squrtle - raikou
charmander - suicune

but first you have to do all the island stuff before searching.
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