Чит коды на Naruto (GBA)

Unlock Kakashi:
In order to unlock Hatake Kakashi beat the game with both Naruto
and Sasuke.

Unlock Sound Test Mode
To successfully unlock the Sound Test Mode, just collect all 100
Leaf Symbols and it'll appear on the Main Menu.

Unlocking Gaara
To fight the hidden Boss Gaara, beat the game with somebody and
then start over as them. The levels will change, and the final
boss will be Gaara

2nd Mission
Beating the game one time with any character will unlock a 2nd
''night-time'' mission for that character. The levels will remain
the same, but the final 3 bosses are different.

Portrait Gallery
Beating the game one time will unlock the portrait gallery,
where you can view portraits for all the characters you meet,
and the bosses you've beaten.

Secret Jutsus
On the Leaf Village Arena level, 1st Area (first level where
you get the wind scroll) near the end of the level, you will
fight a jounin-level enemy (big green ninja) and to the right
of the platform he is standing on, there is a small crawl-way.
Inside of the room, there is a large invisible scroll. When you
acquire it, that character will permanatly learn level 4 Jutsus
(if you save your game.)
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