Чит коды на Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (GBA)

25,000 Koins:
To enable this code, enter KWIKKASH as your name.

New Characters:
To get the following characters you must ....

Kitana :- Defeat 'Arcade' on the 'Very Easy' Difficulty.
Sub-Zero :- Defeate 'Arcade' on the 'Easy' Difficulty.
Kano :- Defeat 'Arcade' on the 'Normal' Difficulty.
Quan Chi :- Buy Koffin AI (4500 coins) in the Krypt.
Shang Tsung :- Buy Koffin FF (7500 coins) in the Krypt.

Shang Tsung Morphing Codes:
Shang Tsung can morph into a different chracter giving him their
move set. Below is a list of various characters which he can morph into.

Morph Shang Tsung into:
Down, Down, L - Frost
Forward, Forward, L - Jax
Down, Away, L - Kenshi
Down, Up, L - Kitana
Forward, Away, L - Kung Lao
Up, Up, L - Li Mei
Away, Forward, Left - Quan Chi
Away, Away, L - Scorpion
Down, Forward, L - Sonya
Up, Down, L - Sub-Zero

Various Character Fatality Codes:
Frost fatality:
Press Down, Down, A.

Jax fatality:
Press Up, Up, A.

Kano fatality:
Press Away, Away, Forward, A.

Kenshi fatality:
Press Down, Down, B.

Kitana fatality:
Press Down, Up, A.

Kung Lao fatality:
Press Forward, Away, B.

Li Mei fatality:
Press Down, Up, A.

Quan Chi fatality:
Press Away, Away, A.

Scorpion fatality:
Press Forward, Away, A.

Shang Tsung fatality:
Press Up, Down, Up, A.
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