Чит коды на Mega Man Zero (GBA)

Note: This game is also titled Rockman Zero

Easy crystals:
After defeating Phantom and saving the factory, return to the
factory to get a large number of crystals, especially in the last
room of the level. Note: You can only get them once.

Easy shield level up:
When inside the resistance, you can always leave and visit past
levels. Go up to the surface and move to the right until you get
to the pillars that regenerate when they are completely destroyed.
Stand next to the wall and charge your Shield Boomerang. Jump and
throw your boomerang so that you hit the top section and let yourself
fall to the ground. If done correctly, your Shield Boomerang should
circle you forever, as long as you do not move. Allow the system to
idle for about twenty minutes in this situation to get it to the
maximum level.

Easy weapon level-up:
After completing the introductory level where Zero gets his Sword
and Pistol, get on the teleporter and teleport back to the base.
Immediately exit the place by trying to climb the ladder you are in
front of. Ciel will talk to you, and give you several options to select.
Keep selecting the first choice she gives you on each option and you will
be teleported to a junkyard level. In the middle of the level there will
be these pillars that will keep growing back after each segment is
destroyed. You can keep destroying the segments with the Sword and
Pistol and they will level-up. Keep destroying the segments until
the Sword and Pistol are at their maximum levels.

To maximize the skill level of all the weapons, use them at the enemies
at the disposal center; at the part where two spiked things spring up
and shoot energy bolts horizontally.

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game and save it after the credits complete.
Start a new game to being with the items obtained in your previous attempt.

Defeating X second form with the Z-Saber:
Upgrade your Z-Saber skill to the fifth or sixth level to charge it
faster. When fighting X second form, use the Ice Chip (obtained from
one of your missions), charge your Z-Saber, climb any of the two
vertical platforms, and jump-slash towards X's head. Be careful when
jumping at X's head as you may hit X's hand.

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game, then hold L when starting a new game.

Successfully complete the game in hard mode with an "A" or "S" rank
(collect all elves). Start a new game from this saved game to being
with all elves including Jackson. Alternately, collect and power-up
all cyber elves without using any of them under the normal difficulty

Shield/Boomerang tricks:
It is possible to dash while using the Shield/Boomerang. Have the
shield in hand, then press Dash + Left or Right simultaneously.
If done correctly, you should be dash jumping with the Shield.
Another trick is to dash jump off walls with the Shield. This is
done by holding Dash and jumping onto a wall and climbing it.

Ultimate mode:
Unlock Jackson and start a game. Successfully complete the game
using all elves. Hold R when starting a new game to play in ultimate mode.

Weapon abilities:
Note: Some of the steps are in a different order, depending on how
you use the weapon.

Charge up to two grades
Charge faster
Four shots can be shot at a time
Double slash combo
Triple slash combo
Charge faster
Rolling slash combo
Air spinning attack
Triple rod
Double attack
Triple attack
Charge faster
Shield Boomerang
Middle range attack
Long range attack
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