Чит коды на Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun (GBA)

Secret Boss:
To get past the gate in Ura Internet area 5, you need all
150 regular chips. Once you get past it, you can fight the
secret boss, Forte, and get his chip, Forte.

Secret Boss 2:
After completing the Black Earth dungeon, exit (plug out)
and re-enter. You can now encounter Forte SP in Black Earth
area 2, and obtain Black Barrier from him.

Secret Dungeon:
There is a large hole surrounded by purple slime on a
platform in Ura Internet area 6. In order to approach it,
you need the chips "Bug Charge", "Muramasa Blade",
"Black Wing", "Element Dark" and "Poison Anubis".
Once you get close enough, it will suck you down to
the secret dungeon, Black Earth.

Bug Chain:
Defeat either ShademanSP or LasermanSP without destroying
the Green Mystery Data to obtain this giga-level chip.

Darkness Aura:
S-Rank ForteSP, a random encounter in Black Earth 2 to obtain
this chip.

Defeat Forte behind the Standard Gate in the Ura-Internet
to obtain this chip.
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