Чит коды на Medabots: Metabee Version (GBA)

Test Mode:
Hold Select, press Start on the title screen.

Medabots with Air-Type Legs (A Lightblue icon covered with a Medabot with wings)
are very weak against Anti-Air.

Beat Mega Emperor
Metabee's Parts:
HEAD : Missile
RIGHT ARM: Sweat cloak (to Counter a few attacks)
LEFT ARM : Arm Shutter (to defend yourself against Missiles and Napalms)
LEGS : Ochitsuka

Use Metabee's Sweat Cloak to prepare a Counter to send all attacks from Mega
Emperor back to him, with a major Damage result.

Also give one of your medabots (Partner 1 or 2) "Destroy" Parts to get rid of
those monsters.

Listen to the music from the game
Press Start + Select at the title screen.

Schrapnel Trick:
Required: Mermaid Medal (lvl 30 or higher) or Ghost Medal (lvl 60 or higher.

Make sure your far enough in the game.
Equip the parts with the most Armor:
HEAD: Clear Armor
RIGHT ARM: Right Guard
LEFT ARM: Great Shield
LEGS: Burly or Chauffeur.
equip those parts to a male tinpet, but also the medal above.

Start a medafight, build up a medaforce. next use the medaforce: Schrapnel
Attack so all parts will damage to half, to defeat a medabot easily.
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