Чит коды на Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (GBA)

Unlock Gimli in multiplayer
Beat the game with any two characters to unlock Gimli
in multiplayer.

Unlock The Misty Mountains level in Multiplayer
Collect all 8 "Artifacts" to unlock The Misty Mountains
in Multiplayer.

You know that really cool Overdraw attack Legolas has?
Once you acquire it, you can hit both the "A" button and
the "B" button. HOLD THEM DOWN TOGETHER. You can now do 1
of 2 things: 1)Release them at the same time for the two
arrows two be released, hot on eachother's tails. 2 2)
Release the "B" button. Your regular attack has been fired
off into some poor, unfortunate Orc...(YEAH RIGHT!) The power
meter rings are still there, but Legolas is not poised to shoot.
Whenever you want to shoot this arrow, simply hit the "A" button,
saving you much time "Overdrawing" it.

Special Unlockable Movie:
To unlock a comical movie featuring a cave troll and several squirrels:
Beat the game with all of the characters

Unlock Gimli in Multiplayer:
To unlock Gimli in Multiplayer: beat the game with two characters on any
difficulty, then in multiplayer select an empty slot and choose Gimli as
your character.

Unlock Misty Mountains in Multiplayer:
To unlock the third level, Misty Mountains, in Multiplayer collect all 8
artifacts found in the game.

Enable Code 00003970 000A
100217F4 0007
Infinite HP 83003648 03E7
Maximum HP 830036AC 03E7
Infinite SP 8300364A 03E7
Maximum SP 830036AE 03E7
Infinite Attribute Points 33003657 00FF
Infinite Skill Points
33003658 00FF
Quick Exp. Gain 33003646 00FF
All Artifacts 3300470F 00FF
50,000 Gems 8300364C C350
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