Чит коды на Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA)

Spider Drownage:
If you chop grass and a spider comes out, run to the water and dive in.
The spider will drown!

Lots of Rupees:
Near the start of the game (After you have visited the Minish
Forest for the first time),
at Hyrule there is a lady who has lost some chickens and wants
you to help her get them back.

If you choose to help her, then she will tell you how many to get
and how much time you get.

The first time, you'll need to bring back 2 chickens
in 25 seconds (don't grab the gold one,
it'll fly away). You'll get 20 rupees as reward.
Also, you'll get 10 shells rupees
The second time, you'll have to return 3 chickens
in 25 seconds. The rewards will be 10
shells and 30 rupees. The third time you'll have
to get 4 in 30 seconds, and you'll be
rewarded with 20 shells and 40 rupees. The fourth
time (it just keeps going, doesn't it?)
you'll have to get 5 in 45 seconds, and you'll be
rewarded with 20 shells and 90 rupees
(you can include the gold one this time). After that
it's 50 seconds for 5 chickens, for
30 shells and 50 rupees. After that, it's 45 seconds
for 5 chickens, with a reward of 30
shells and 90 rupees. If you keep on doing this,
you'll get a piece of heart.

Roll through enemies:
You can roll right through enemies. This is useful when
one is coming at you and you
have nowhere to run.
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