Чит коды на Konami Krazy Racers (GBA)

Speed Boost:
To get a speed boost in Konami Krazy Racers, press the A button down the exact
same time the 4th head glows when you are starting the race. If you do it
correctly, you will start with significantly more speed.

How To Be In The "S" Cup:
All you have to do to reach the "S" Cup is to win every Krazy GP up through the
"A" Cup then it will unlock the "S" Cup.

Play as Vic the Viper:
On Krazy GP Tournament, access Moon road, as soon as the race starts collect the
first blue bell you see as soon as possible before anyone else gets it!. When
you get to the first big turbo pad (these are the things that let you fly in the
air!) as soon as you hit the first one, turn right and use the blue bell turbo
you got before and while in the air turn right and use it. This should take you
to a secret platform in the sky, collect the blue diamond and turbo back and
finish the race !

Get the bear as a selectable character:
When you are A-class licence, go to the champions cup race, and when you get to
cyberfield 2, when you have done 2 laps and are on your final lap just before
the finish line, go in between the two end crates and there should be a huge
blue diamond, collect it and the Bear will be a selectable character !

Note: You have to do this on Krazy GP tournament.

Unlock The King:
In Sky Bridge 2,grab the first blue bell you see. Then go to the huge jump pad
and go all the way to the right and use your turbo from the bell you got and you
will get a blue diamond from the platform. Go to the Character Select Screen and
you will see a guy with yellow hair below the cat.

Note: You can only get this guy from Krazy GP.

Quick Boost:
To gain a head-start in the beginning of a race, press and hold A just before the
fourth light comes on and the race starts. If it works, you'll be boosted ahead of
the pack, giving you a nice head-start for that race!

Play as Bear:
Start a race on the Cyber Field 2 track. Collect the blue diamond between the two
holes near the finish line. Complete the race and save the game. Bear will be unlocked
on the character selection screen.
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