Чит коды на Kim Possible (GBA)

Easy mode codes
Go to the Password screen and enter the following:

Level 2 - Rufus, Wade, Kim, Shego, Kim, Kim, Kim
Level 3 - Ron, Drakken, Kim, Drakken, Shego, Monkey, Kim
Level 4 - Rufus, Drakken, Kim, Shego, Drakken, Monkey, Kim
Level 5 - Kim, Wade, Monkey, Wade, Shego, Monkey, Kim
Level 6 - Rufus, Wade, Monkey, Wade, Drakken, Kim, Kim
Level 7 - Ron, Guard, Monkey, Guard, Shego, Ron, Kim
Level 8 - Rufus, Drakken, Monkey, Wade, Drakken, Ron, Ron

Start New Game with All Extras Unlocked
At the Password screen enter:
Ron, Kim, Kim, Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard
A new game will start with all the movies and Pics Unlocked
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