Чит коды на Jurassic Park 3: Primal Fear (GBA)

Survival mode:
Successfully complete story mode to unlock survival mode.

Stage select:
Successfully complete a level in story mode to unlock it under the Stage Select

Escaping Spinosaurus rampage (stage 1 and 8):
In Stage 1, he is the second dinosaur that you see. It is very hard to escape
unhurt during the short run in stage 1. However, you can stay alive no matter
what, unless you stop while he is chasing you. In Stage 8, he is farther away
and you can easily run away without being hurt. However, this run is very long
and the Spinosaurus is not the only thing that can hurt you. When he gets stuck
at the boxes he will start throwing them at you. There are also holes which you
must jump and Blue Raptors which you must avoid. The easiest way to do all of
this is to run straight through the middle. The only thing you will have to do
is jump the holes. Do not stop running, even to defeat the Blue Raptors when
Spinosaurus is stuck.

Defeating Dilopholsauruses (stage 2 and 8):
Run towards the Dilopolsauruses and get close to them. Then, turn around and run
across the water. When you see a Dilopholsaurus in the water, shoot at the
switch so it gets electrocuted. It takes three electrocutions to take a
Dilopholsaurus down. Do this repeatedly until you defeated all the

Defeating Blue Raptor (stage 5 and 8):
The Blue Raptor is found in the one way museum tour, two rooms through the tour.
When you find him, run into the next room. Position yourself so that the Blue
Raptor is under the shadow. When he is in position, shoot the switch and a
Modeled Pteranadon will fall on him. After he gets up, run into the next room
and immediately get behind the exhibit in the middle. Start pushing it quickly.
It will fall on him. Repeat either the falling Pteranadon or the exhibit case
actions one more time to defeat him.

Defeating the Giant Pteranadon (stage 6):
There are three platforms with one box on each platform. Immediately stand in
front of a box. When the Giant Ptereanadon appears, jump away from the box so
that it explodes. If you do this too early, the box will not explode. It usually
takes three to five direct hits for the Giant Pteranadon to run away.

Defeating Compys (stage 7 and 8):
When you enter the area where you have to fight the Compys, three boulders will
fall -- one blocking the entrance, one blocking the exit and one in the middle.
When all the Compys appear, lure them in front of the middle boulder. Use the
Tranquilizer to paralyze them in front of the middle boulder. Then, use the
Flare Gun to shoot the boulder so it runs over all the Compys in its way. The
boulder will return each time. Repeat this until all the Compys have been
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