Чит коды на Jet Grind Radio (GBA)

Unlock The Noise Tanks:
Get a Jet ranking on all Benten-Cho levels.

Unlock The Love Shockers:
Get a Jet ranking on all Shibuya-Cho levels.

Unlock Professor K As Playable Character:
Play through the game (beat ''Final Stage'') and save. Professor
K can now be chosen as a playable character. He is located between
Garam and Beat on the character selection screen although his image
is static.

Unlock Poison Jam:
Beat all Kogane-Cho levels with a Jet ranking.

Change Sega Intro:
Start the GBA with Jet Grind Radio and continuously press the A button
until the Sega logo appears. You will hear a person scream the word Sega
instead of the normal longer chorus.
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