Чит коды на Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone (GBA)

Также известная как: Гарри Поттер и Камень Волшебника, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Transfiguration spell
Taught in transfiguration lesson. Gets rid of object (files of books etc.) that
are put over switches by turning them into birds.

Defeating Troll
Get close, and when it raises its club, back off and hit it with the Flipendo
spell. Then, knock it into the largest hole on the far left.

Lumos spell
Lights the area for a few minutes.

Alternate ending sequence
Get all fifteen Folio Magi cards and get the final card from Ron. Get 600 House
Points so Griffindor wins the House Cup. A new ending sequence will appear.

Pumpkin Pasties
Collect three Pumpkin Pasties to get an extra health point added on to what you
currently have. For example, at the beginning of the game you have five health
points maximum, but can increase that to six by collecting three Pumpkin
Pasties. To see how many Pumpkin Pasties you have, press Select and scroll with
R or L to find them in your inventory

Pumpkin Pasties can be found at the following locations
When you are learning the Alomora spell from Hermione, win the challenge. She
will give you a Pumpkin Pasty.
After getting Alomora Spell, go to Hagrid's house. Immediately before you get
there, go down. On the left side is a small patch of brown dirt. Go through
there (through the trees) then unlock the chest.
In The Dungeons (Snape's place), go up near where he has the bookcases. Up and
over to the right is another Pumpkin Pasty.
Flipendo spells against teachers
Some of the teachers will deduct house points if you hit them with the Flipendo
spell. For example, if you hit Snape with the Flipendo spell you will lose 4
House Points each time.

Defeating Voldemort
After the challenges, you meet Quirrel in a room. He is actually the enemy. To
defeat him, get him to destroy the four large pillars in the room. The best way
is to stand behind them, wait until he shoots, then move behind the next one.
When they are all gone, you both will fall into a room with lots of rocks on the
floor and the mirror in the middle. He will walk to the top of the room and
shoot at you. Use the mirror as a shield (it bounces his shots back at him).
After awhile he will levitate rocks at you. Again, use the mirror as a shield.
When he moves to the bottom of the room, keep the mirror between you. Shoot the
mirror once with Flipendo and it will swing round and you can use it as a shield
again. It will not be long before he is defeated

Alohamora spell
Hermione teaches you this in the common room after Quiddich practice. It opens
locked doors with pictures of stars on them.
Information in this section was contributed by Zeus and WavyVirus..

Flipendo spell
Professor Quirrell teaches you this spell in your first lesson. It is a spell
that shoots a ball of energy in a straight line. This spell can push objects,
stun enemies or break containers.

Flying spell
Allows you to move some stones and statues
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