Чит коды на Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban (GBA)

Defeating The Professor Lupin:
After you rescue Buckbeak, you must fight Professor Lupin when he turns into a
werewolf. First, use Fumos with Hermione if she goes first. Fumos will cover
Buckbeak and raise his ability to dodge attacks. To ensure that Hermione goes
first, you should either equip her with the best items to make her agility the
highest, or just make sure she is the highest level person and the only one
with items equipped. Lupin only attacks Buckbeak. This battle is rigged so that
Buckbeak always goes first, then Lupin, then yourself. Buckbeak will attack
Lupin every turn, doing about 20 to 25 damage. Lupin has about 600 HP. None
of your spells affect him -- this battle will rely on Buckbeak. If he dies you
will lose. The only thing you can really do is use Fumos to protect Buckbeak
and keep using potions on him when he gets hurt. You can also use the card combo
Cracker Jinx. It does about 40 damage to Lupin.

Secret Chests:
Complete your collection of wizard cards to unlock the five secret chests on
floor five. The first chest contains the Tea Leaf mini-game, which is playable
from the main menu. The second chest gives you four or five good cloaks. The
third chest gives you a Golden Snitch and levels up your party by one. The fourth
chest gives you Spellotape A Charm for Hermione. The last chest levels up everyone
in your party by two levels. The rewards can be used again each time you start
the game over.

Harry Potter Wizard Card:
Successfully complete the game to get the Harry Potter Wizard card. Use the card
in battle to teach everyone in your party all possible spells and spell levels.
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