Чит коды на Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak (GBA)

Get unlimited sunflower seeds:
At the start of the game where the two hamsters are the big sun flower.use {hamlift}
and you will get 20 sunflower seeds.keep repeating until satisfied .ps.its at
sunny peak.

Save Ghost Hams' love:
When the Ham Rangers are about to go on stage, but you can't get Ham Red to come out
of the bathrooms, go to Boo Mansion. there should be a ghost in a painting. talk to
her, and she will play Ham Red. Her son will go back with her to Boo Mansion. After
that, Ham Red will always perform on stage.

New Words!:
After you've done the musical riddle, there is a Ham-Ham that thinks she's awesome.
Call her bestset and she'll tell you 'Dazzlie'. Then go talk to the Ham-Hams at the
entrance to sandy cove and talk to the one next to the shy gray Ham-Ham. She'll tell
you 'Tinglie'. Go back to the one who told you dazzlie and tell her tinglie. She'll
give you her pineapple which is really the soccer ball the coach is looking for!

"Condor Wings" song:
At Sunny Peak there is a huge feather. Stand on it and say Hamha and the bird will
drop the song on your head. Hif-hif to pick it up.
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