Чит коды на Guilty Gear X (GBA)

Unlock Testament:
Defeat Testament when he challenges you in stage 9.

Unlock Dizzy:
Defeat Dizzy when she challenges you in stage 10.

Original mode:
Successfully complete the game in survival mode to unlock the
"Original Mode" selection at the options screen.

Extra mode:
Defeat a fighter's dare devil version in survival mode to unlock
extra mode for that fighter. The fighter's extra version is able
to execute new moves and supers.

Fight as Dizzy or Testament:
Press Down, Right(2), Up, Start at the "Press Start" screen.

Alternate costumes:
Press Start or Select when choosing a fighter at the character
selection screen.

Guilty Gear mode:
Select survival mode. Get to stage 180, then continue on and defeat
all opponents until reaching stage 330. The Guilty Gear versions
will now be unlocked.
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