Чит коды на Golden Sun (GBA)

Cheat and Ultimate cheat mode:
This cheat can only be done if all your character is at lv
10 when you first arrive out on the world map. You can't
save the game eighter. Then buy 30 potion in Vault for
every character. Then go to the broken bridge and trhow
all your items also armor and weapon then fight monsters
utnil you face an vermin. Use defend 50 times for every
character and then kill the vermin. After the battle you
must press the a and b button at the same time 500 times
in front of the broken bridge. The bridge should be repaired
and a man will arrive and thank you for fixing the bridge.
He will tell you a code and you must press the button code
whittin 3 seconds (Code A B A B R L L R R L B L R B A) after
the code is correct you will get cheat mode and if you talk
to the man again he wants you to do the code again but in 1,5
seconds insted and if it is correct you will get ulimate
cheat with a hex code tool that you can teel how much hp ,
lv, psynergy, weapon, Item, Manny person thinks i lie but
it's true but if you don+t belive me then you will have to
feel sorry for yourself beacuse the cheat really works.
Please try not to die beacuse if you do you must start
over from the beginning.
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