Чит коды на Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (GBA)

Defeating Skorne:
The main thing that makes Skorne difficult to defeat is his ability
to shoot seeking skull projectiles. When a skull is flying toward
you, do a quick, tight loop. The skull will continue for awhile in
a straight line. By the time it turns around and gets back to you,
it may have disappeared. Other than Skorne's skulls, he has no
attacks. As soon as you 'trick' a skull, start blasting at him with
your long range attack, or use potions, especially if you are a wizard.

Defeating Garm:
Garm is similar to Skorne, with only one attack (fireballs), but has
the ability to unleash several at a time. Use the same strategy as
with Skorne, but it may take more time as you have to dodge more
projectiles. Do not try to finish this battle quickly or you will
get pounded by fireballs.

Walk Through Walls:
In the Ice realm, if you walk into a wall made of sticks, you can
apparently go through it.
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