Чит коды на Gadget Racers (GBA)

Demo mode:
Press B when "Press Start" appears at the title screen.

Earn Medals:
Accomplish the following tasks to earn a medal:

Collect all parts.
Collect all bodies.
Collect all engines.
Complete all areas.

Use horn:
Press Up during a race.

Quick start:
When starting a race, make sure you have oil in your car to increase
acceleration. When the pre-race countdown reaches the end of "1" press
Gas to get a head start boost in the race.

Super Race Cups:
To unlock the Super Race Modes, Complete each race type once, including
GP Mode, doing Bronze Silver and Gold cups. After this, you will see the
credits. When you resume playing, the Super Bronze, Super Silver and Super
Gold Cup races for each race type will be unlocked.
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