Чит коды на Final Fantasy 5 Advance (GBA)

Music Player:
Beat the game once, then the music player will be available in Extra
at the main menu.

Bonus Dungeon Location:
Once you have collected all the legendary weapons and beaten the game
load your cleared game save and head towards Phantom Village. Just
south of there you will see bubbles on the water use your sub to dive
under the bubbles and you will see the entry to the bonus dungeon.

Easy Walse Castle Basement Looting Glitch:
This works only on the Gameboy Advance version of Final Fantasy V.
After so many steps, you are automatically thrust into battle. However,
if you quicksave, exit and continue, the step counter is reset. If you
take only 5 steps, a few more if you're feeling risky, save and load,
you can get all the treasures and get out without encountering a single
Jackanapes. Like this, you don't have to run if you are going for the
Brave Blade and you do not have to encounter the Jackanapes on your
first visit to the castle.
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