Чит коды на F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (GBA)

Championship Course
Get a high score entry for all 15 of the Pawn, Knight,
and Bishop tracks.

Demo Race
Press SELECT on the title screen to view a tutorial.

Erase Saved Games
Hold the left and right buttons as you turn on your GBA
and choose YES when asked if you want to delete.

Extra Cars
For the Dirty Joker, complete the Pawn, Knight, and Bishop
series in the standard class.

For the Stingray, complete the pawn, knight, and bishop
expert modes.

For the Silver Thunder, complete the Queen series expert class.

For the Falcon MK-II, complete ANY series on Master class.

For the Fighting Ccomplete the Pawn through Queen series in
the Master Class.

For the Jet Vermillion ship, you can either complete the Pawn
through Queen series in the Master difficulty mode using all
9 of the ships,or complete the Championship circuit 255 times.

Open Later Levels
Complete any Expert class series to open the Master class.
If you complete the Expert class Pawn, Knight, and Bishop
modes, you can ebanle the Queen series!

Turbo Rocket Start
Before the race begins, rev the engine up until your fuselage
begins glowing. Make sure you keep the engine tone normal
(don't let it start whining). You should zoom off when the
race begins.
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