Чит коды на F-14 Tomcat (GBA)

Level Passwords:
Enter these passwords to unlock the corresponding level
at Novice difficulty.

Level 2: DHGJ KLFF
Level 3: GSDF BFPT
Level 4: RRHC FDVM
Level 5: BPSX FDNF
Level 6: LDFS DTKQ
Level 7: PXSB SZNJ
Level 8: DKXZ GZQK
Level 9: GKQB GHCT
Level 10: DTRH RPFJ
Level 11: WZPK JYZX
Level 12: JDZFLKFV
Level 13: SPNG DRRG
Level 14: SFGF JHDH
Level 15: LPFH PRFZ
Level 16: TDKZ XSHX
Level 17: DGBV KMNB
Level 18: KJHG RJCB
Level 19: VBMQ RWTP
Level 20: LKFD SPBV
Level 21: NHDC DKPM

Flying Cars:
It is possible to replace the jets with flying classic cars. Something
can be done in novice mode at level 6 that will result in a constant
tone until you get to level 7. Level 7 will then start with classic
cars flying at you instead of jets. The level passwords with the cars
are identical to those with jets. You must duplicate some sort of game
condition (complete all the first six levels with no damage? Complete
level 6 with no damage and using only one plane?) to unlock the cars.

UFO's, not jets:
When you get to the main screen, go to enter password. Enter level 21's
password and if you hear a jet sound it worked. After that you can either
start a new game or enter a password for missions 2-20. At the top,
instead of migs it will say ufos: and then the number. When you start
the mission, you will be battling ufos.
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