Чит коды на ESPN X Games: Skateboarding (GBA)

Soar sky high
At the title screen, select "Vert", then choose "X-Rage". Select any
skater, then choose your skating location. You will have 60 seconds
to rack up points. When you get points, the meter bar at the bottom
of the screen rises. When it is full, an orb will appear on the ramp.
Once you get it, go up the ramp and you will go sky high. While you
are in the sky you can do as many tricks as you want.
After your skater comes back down, you will have extra points.

Easier combos in Vert X-Rage mode
When hitting either side ramp, Press Up + B for the Frontward 50/50
and slide on the rail for a short distance. Before you are ready to
go back down, hit a few short moves and your skater will automatically
jump in the air from the rail to the height you were supposed to reach
if you did not hit the 50/50. The best you can do with this process is
to do the 50/50, then a few short moves, and end with the Noserock.
It is possible to pull off six moves by doing the 50/50, some Shove-it
360s and then ending with the Noserock. This is helpful in X-Rage mode
when trying to max out the stats of each skater
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