Чит коды на Duke Nukem Advance (GBA)

Cheat mode:
Pause the game, then hold L and press Left, Up, A, Up, Left, A, Start,
Select. A cheat menu will options for God mode, full weapons, infinite
ammunition, and no clipping will appear.

Throw more than one pipe bomb:
Select the pipe bomb, throw one, then press and release Select. You can
now throw another pipe bomb.

Shrink ray gun warning:
Do not walk next to a enemy and shrink him. You will shrink along with

Freeze gun warning:
Do not walk next to a wall and fire the freeze gun. You will freeze
instead of the wall.

Defeating Octobrains:
When you see an Octobrain far away, use the freeze gun. When the
Octobrain is frozen, it will fall and smash into pieces. This method is
very useful if you want to save your rockets or bullets.
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