Чит коды на Donkey Kong Country (GBA)

Begin with 50 lives:
Go to the select a game menu, highlight 'Erase', then hold the select button and
hit B, A, R, R, A, L. Now begin your game and you should start off with 50

Snow barrel blast secrets:
In the Snow barrel blast region of gorilla glacier, after you see the Rambi
token, jump into the barrel to the right. From that barrel, shoot your way right
again. This time, shoot your way down to a secret barrel that will take you to
the end of the level.

Kool Way To Gain Lives:
You must be more than half way done to do this trick!!! Go to "Gorilla Glacier"
at the top of the island. From there go to the second level,(Slipslide Ride). At
the beganing of the level go forward a little until you see "the blue
crocodile". Stay in- front of him while he jumps up the hill. Bounce on top of
him and grab the "blue rope". You will then be transfered up. Jump off and go to
the left. There you will see a barrel. Pick it up and through it against the way
right by you. Go inside and play the "mini-game". Every time you win you get a
"gold ostrich". Collect up to three as you would with any other "gold animal" in
the game. Once you collect 3 "gold ostriches" you get a "bonus game". THE MORE
BANANAS YOU COLLECT, THE MORE LIVES YOU GET!---Repeat this as much as you want.

Another level warp:
In Kongo Jungle the first area of the game goto the second level which is Ropey
Rampage, in this level you can find a level warp barrel. The location of this
barrel is off the edge of cliff on the other side of the first rope which you
would usually climb. Theres a armadillo underneath the rope and a TNT barrel
behind you if you havn't thrown it yet. What you do is jump over the edge of the
cliff onto the first flower you see.

Example: -----|---? ? *

Easy Lives:
To get easy lives beat the firstlevel. Once you have done that go back to that
level and only go as far as the Expresso coin get that and press start and then
select and repeat the process as many times as you want(the more times the more

Hero Mode:
Beat the game with 90% or more to unlock the HERO option under two player mode.

Various Codes:
At the main menu select "start" then enter the following codes:
Start with 50 lives: hold select then press B, A, R, R, A, L.
Sound test: hold select then press B, A, L, L, A.
Practice bonus stage: hold select then press B, UP, B, B, A.

Hidden Cameras:
There are hidden cameras throughout the game that you can find. The easiest ones
to find are in Funky's Fishing and Candy's Dance Studio. In Funky's Fishing,
catch the crab in in the Kongo Jungle. In Candy's Dance Studio, dance a perfect
dance. The others are easy; do what Funky or Candy say or do to get a camera.
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