Чит коды на Dokapon Monster Hunter (GBA)

Defeating L-Marshy:
Use the following steps to defeat L-Marshy, the Light
House Boss. When you reach him, you will first have
to battle Marshy. After you defeat Marshy, L-Marshy
will appear. Attack him with normal strikes. He will
get very weakened. Make sure you have a strong weapon.
After defeating him, a old man will appear and say,
"I can go fishing now." You have now completed this task.

Defeating Loboss:
Use the following steps to defeat Loboss, the Forest
2 Boss. Loboss is easy, but his two henchmen are
slightly more difficult. They have good HP, power,
and defense. Use a good weapon that can hit them more
than once at the same time. After you destroy both of
them, attack Loboss. Use the same strategy as you
against his henchmen. After you defeat him, rocks
will fall on top of him.

Bat Spear:
Successfully complete the first level. When you get
to the Circus level, you must encounter every enemy
there, except the Boss. The woman at your house will
then buy you the Bat Spear. It is in the Hero selection
in the closet.

The Bow has the status ability of X-Ray, revealing
where the traps and stairs are located. If you keep
one with you all the time, when you get to the next
floor, equip your Bow then look at the map by pressing
Select. Then, equip your normal stronger weapon after
you learn where everything is located.

Clown Suit:
Successfully complete the Circus level. Then, go to the
house that is near your house. Talk to the girl and she
will say "I picked this out at the circus." You now
have the Clown Suit. Go to your house and open the closet.
It will have two selections, "Hero" or "Perriot" (Clown Suit).

Doka Shield:
Combine Ceramic and Liberty to get the Doka Shield.

Bonus dungeon:
Successfully complete the game. After the credit sequence,
continue playing. Go to the Dragon Fountain and press
A to play the New Land dungeon.

Unlock the New Land Dungeon:
Beat the game. Continue playing after the credits.
Go to the Dragon Foutain and press A.

Unlock the Mountain Level:
Finish the Light House Level to unlock the Mountain Level.
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