Чит коды на Dogz (GBA)

Keep old dog with New Game:
You only get to take care of your dog for three weeks. You then cannot play the
normal game. You must save the file to 'Always Together Mode'. By doing this,
you can start a new game and still keep your old dog and file.

Always Together Mode:
To unlock Always Together Mode, get the best ending in the game.

Brush Tip:
Make sure to brush your dog at least once every other day.

Don't Help:
Time goes by really fast in Dogz. So, to get more time, simply do something
during the time of 6 or 7 p.m. For example, teach your dog sit. Then your mom
will not ask you to help her cook.

Teaching Fast.
Every day, keep on telling the dog to do tricks, until your "mom" tells you that
your puppy does not like it. Do this everyday, and soon your dog will learn lots
of tricks. Once you get through the basic ones, you can teach your dog to jump,
shake right and left paws, and much more!

Doggy LUV:
Your new dog does not like it (sometimes) when you pick it up. So, to get it
adjusted (even shy dogs), you should pet and play with them as much as you can.
If you don't it will bark at you a lot. Try to take care of it as much as you
can and don't praise it when it does something bad like poop on the floor.
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