Чит коды на Daredevil (GBA)

Level Passwords

Level Code
Rooftop Rumble YдPSCддKдд4
This Traffic Is Murder FдFNKдTKFKH
No Way To Treat A Lady CCKMCдRдBдP
A Question of Honor 0CKNдд4ддKR
Fighting With Shadows WCP7DдCDGKM
Over Troubled Waters Hдд7LBK5ддD
Master of the Hand 4дд3NB23GKL
Descent into Madness MCP3NBY5BдL
Into the Savage Sewers MCF2JдK5ZKD
Battle Below Ground RCK6JB4VWдL
The King Commands RCK2QBRVXKB
Wrong Side of the Tracks RLд7SдRXHKM
Out of the Darkness MNF39дMVJKN
No Return Ticket 4LTPZBP5RдK
Switchback RST21BK3SKK
Like Looking in a Mirror RQYQZCPV8дM
Bad for Business 4QYQ7CK39KC
Long Hard Climb 4S2PZC459Bд
Building Tension 47T77D435Lд
My Aim is True MZY2ZRR5NBK
All That Money Can Buy 8ZY7ZRMXMLд
Final Showdown MZ231S6XSGN

Note: д indicates the DD symbol.
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