Чит коды на Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA)

New family member:
Complete the game using Soma. Now when you start a new game use the following
name: Julius.

Do not use Souls:
Enter NOSOUL as your name.

Do not use Items:
Enter NOUSE as your name.

Easy money:
After defeating Julius Belmont, you can enter the Chaotic Realm. About two save
rooms inside the Chaotic Realm, there will be a place that resembles the area
before you first fought the "Manticore". There will be a lamp that will always
drop an enemy called Mimic which looks like a blue money bag. Mimic's Soul
ability gives you money every time you get damaged. The amount of damage you get
is the same amount of money you receive. Keep killing it to get its soul. Once
you have Mimic's soul, go outside of Chaotic Realm and warp to "The Arena". Save
and rest at the save room and equip the Mimic's soul. Go to the elevator and
choose your torture room. The middle one is recommended as it is faster for you
to lose life. Be sure to always visit the save room whenever your life is too
low. Use this method to get the Soul Eater ring that costs 300,000 (allows you
to acquire souls with ease). This is the best way to get fast money.

Easy experience:
When you are in the Chaos Realm, equip your Roginus' Spear and the soul Erinys.
When you encounter a Shadow Knight, kill him. You will gain roughly 3,300
experience points per kill. If you are near a door when you kill him, enter and
exit to encounter the Shadow Knight again to keep getting experience.
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