Чит коды на Bomberman Tournament (GBA)

Block BrainBomber
Use bombs to block BrainBomber's lightning strikes,
the groundtail, and also the targeting.

Remote Bomb Detonations
Once you have Sibaloon, go back to the lake in the
first zone. You will be able to find a cottage with
Firekong, who allows you to remote detonate your bombs.

Fusible Transistor
Once you reach Gamma town, go south and kill the two
Orkmen. Enter the coliseum and win five matches in a
row. You will receive 150 gold and the Fusible Transistor.

Free large Medicine
Equip Kai-man and go under the water. Find a green
switch and activate it, then talk to the school of
fish. You will get the Fishhook and a Karabom will
join you. Take the Fishhook to the fisherman to get
the Medicine.

Balloons in arcade mode
When playing in arcade mode, there is an easy way to
get 40 balloons. Start off with the side that has most
balloons. And after you lay down a bomb, stand next to
it. After it explodes, start pressing A and move around.
Since you are invisible, you will be a walking bomb and
will get 40 balloons easily.
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