Чит коды на Bomberman Story (GBA)

Fusible Transistor:
Once you reach Gamma town, go south and kill the two Orkmen.
Enter the coliseum and win five matches in a row. You will
receive 150 gold and the Fusible Transistor.

Free large Medicine:
Equip Kai-man and go under the water. Find a green switch and
activate it, then talk to the school of fish. You will get the
Fishhook and a Karabom will join you. Take the Fishhook to the
fisherman to get the Medicine.

Block Brainbomber:
Bombs can be used to block Brainbomber's lightning strikes, the
groundtrail, and the targeting.

Remote bomb detonation:
Once you have Sibaloon, go back to the lake in the first zone.
You will be able to find a cottage with Firekong, who allows you
to remote detonate your bombs.

Balloons in arcade mode:
When playing in arcade mode, there is an easy way to get 40
balloons. Start off with the side that has most balloons. And
after you lay down a bomb, stand next to it. After it explodes,
start pressing A and move around. Since you are invisible, you
will be a walking bomb and will get 40 balloons easily.

There is a girl in the volcano who wants a T.beef that she will
trade for a Heart. She is located below some caves that are close
to GLM.Base. In the first forest, there is a movable block. Once
you push it, it reveals a staircase. A man will give you a heart.
From Delta, go up a screen and head to the Northeast to find
another movable block with another person with a heart.
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