Чит коды на Bionicle: Matoran Adventures (GBA)

Throw with fruit that you do not own:
If you are out of something useful such as exploding fruit,
select something you have a lot of (for example, the blue
Madu Fruit). Throw a Madu Fruit with L then immediately
press R with the item that you want to throw, but are out of.
If done correctly, you will throw the item you were out of.
However, you will sacrifice Madu Fruit.

Better Boomerang:
When you are playing bionicles, and your boomerang only goes a
short distant. You can find a little red circle in the air, if
you jump up and take it, it will make your boomerang go farther.

1 will make it go twice as far as before.
2 will make it stronger and go even farther.
3 will make it so you will have 2 boomerangs.
4 will make it so you have two boomerangs and if you hold the
"throw" button it will change to green then blue.

It's cool. Try it when you get the chance.
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