Чит коды на Backyard Baseball 2007 (GBA)

All Weapons:
This Code works most of the time.

First select "players" on the main menu. Then go to "cheats."
Next you MUST write this code in correctly with spaces or it
won't work. The code is: up up down down left right left right
b a select start
if not entered correctly the code will not work.

Unlock Hidden Character:
Play a season, don't need to complete it in order to unlock

Unlockable - How to Unlock
Bobby Abreau - Earn 15 Seaon homeruns with one person.
Derrick Lee - Get 30 Season hits.
Johan Santana - Pitch a shut-out against any team
Paul Konerko - Hit a Grand Slam in a game.

Area 51:
Make it to the World Series.
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